Bolsa MNV

Mariana Nobre Vieira was a multidisciplinary artist whose artistic biography was marked by interventions and collaborations in collectives such as Rabbit Hole (Lisbon), Mina (Lisbon) and Lecken (Berlin). Her performance work is influenced by her academic background (Dance, Economics, Philosophy), but also by autobiographical reflection and experiences in the Lisbon and Berlin nightlife scene, where she lived between 2017 and 2020. In her artistic practice, she intertwined theoretical approaches from post-humanism, queer theory and existentialism. Formally, she favoured the creation of hybrid objects that navigated between performance and installation, building enchanted habitats for the coexistence of diverse subjectivities, beyond her own.

Mariana has developed an artistic research project that she called "A State of Rave" where he expressed the need to think, understand and resignify artistic creation as a state of alienation that refers to the present and to an idea of the collective. It is also from this spirit that the project TRUST COLLECTIVE comes up as well as this Creation Scholarship, believing that this is
a way to continue defending plural ideas of collective and community work, principles that have always been essential to Mariana.

The Trust inaugurates and celebrates the 1st edition of the Mariana Nobre Vieira Scholarship for Creation! This scholarship is aimed at performing arts creators who are looking for residency spaces where
they can develop their projects. In this 1st edition. the scholarship is integrated in the project Policies and Practices of Friendship”.


This grant gives the artist a space for work and accommodation for the period of two weeks, and a gross value of 2000€ to support the project. This call also includes two public sharings of the project in different phases of the process.

Trust Collective was founded in 2020 and presents itself as a space for residencies and a transdisciplinary artistic platform to encourage artistic creation in communion with the community and the vast nature present in the territory.

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