Awkward propositions

  • Performance
  • transdisciplinar


Nov 16 - 27 2022


All Day
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Feelings of awkwardness or inadequateness are something we encounter regularly in our everyday lives, in different forms and intensities.
//Ogni volta che esco di casa controllo di aver messo i calzini//
As trans people, the mere existence of our bodies can already be the cause of such awkwardness in the eyes of others, a more or less obvious “failure to comply” to expected body standards.
//Se una sconosciuta mi guarda intensamente è perché mi trova stranx?//

But the feeling of public scrutiny and failure to follow unwritten social rules and cues that causes awkwardness is something that regulates all of our lives in often subconscious ways.
//Ho mangiato la pizza rucola e pomodorini e ora ho l’insalata tra i denti//

What happens if we don’t shy away from those feelings of unease and instead lean into them, start to explore them? Actively invite and perform them?
//Rispondo alle linguacce delle bambine per strada//

Which unexpected pleasures can come from the embrace of the awkward, and what can we learn from it?
//Cado senza controllo dalle scale e rimbalzo col culo su ogni gradino. Mi piace.//

As artists, we want to investigate awkwardness, foolishness, naivety and failure as an artistic and social strategy.

We are two artists with different backgrounds who met in Berlin, where we decided to collaborate and combine our mutual interests.

Giacomo lives in Italy and has a mixed background in theater and performing arts. In recent years they have been developing autonomous and independent projects using their trans and queer identity, experience and body as their field of research and play.
//Ho dato un bacio in bocca ad un’amica quando volevo solo abbracciarla//

Jo Sordini is a Berlin-based artist interested in queer utopias, drag and silliness as artistic strategies that can playfully expand our realm of possibilities. They often work with video, photography, performance and installation.
//Ho detto grazie ad una persona a cui io ho fatto un favore//

Together, we want to use the time of the residency to research awkwardness as an artistic strategy, loosely structured around the following questions:

Collecting, sharing, deconstructing:

//L’autoironia è uno strumento di riappropriazione identitaria e corporea?//
What forms of awkwardness are common for us? What moments can we recall that felt awkward? What bodily sensations were there?
What social norms were at play? Which forms of oppression or hegemonies were present? How did we react in that situation?
What does it mean to make a fool of oneselves?
How do we express and experience shame, comic absurdity or other feelings that stem from awkwardness?

//Cinque anni fa ho cantato Sere Nere di Tiziano Ferro al karaoke e ho stonato di brutto.
Se devo usare il wc in un bagno pubblico aspetto che prima siano uscite tutte le persone.
Mi ricordo ancora quando ho chiamato la mia partner con il nome di mia madre//

Building a playground:

Can artists still be awkward? Should they be awkward, and why?
What can awkwardness offer us as an artistic strategy?
//Ho riguardato le foto di quando ero adolescente//
How can we work with shame? Is there ways to invite shame into our practice, to enjoy it and sit with it?
//Mi hanno chiesto se parlo francese e ho risposto di sì non so perché//
How can we work with absurdity? How with irony? How with silliness?
//Stavo cambiando fantasia al mare e mi è volato via il salviettone//
If our art practices function as a form of play, a regulated space of freedom, how can we make it a space for awkwardness?
Through which exercises can we consciously lay bare and upset social expectations?
Through which movements, actions and performances can we invite awkwardness, and transform it into different emotions?
// Em discoteca quando inizio a ballare si svuota la pista//
How can we represent foolishness? What are awkward aesthetics?
What are the links and relationships between queerness and awkwardness?

Opening it up:

How can we invite other people into this social playground of awkwardness?
//Vieni a giocare con noi?//
How can we invite especially non-artists, or recreate these moments of play in everyday life situations?
//Ti va di cadere dalle scale con me?//
Can we create an archive, manual or instructions for awkwardness?
//Sei capace di non essere capace?//


Giacomo AG & Jo Sordini