Cócegas - Residency of Isadora Dantas


May 01 - 12 2024


All Day
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Throughout my journey with dance, I have been interested in shaping creations that communicate with AnyBody. I am interested in practicing a body whose joyful plasticity invents dance, gesture and being in the world at every step. In this residency at Trust I will begin to create the working floor for a dance solo, still in the embryonic stage of creation, and provisionally called Cócegas (Tickle). Here is the a dream: Cócegas is a dance that is born from gestures, rhythms and qualities of movement that insist on appearing in the body. It explores the gesture of laughter, entering with curiosity the reverberations of the vibration that begins in the diaphragm when we laugh and the ripples that the voice creates when this laughter spreads continuously through the space. It also explores dance's ability to generate space, including imaginary spaces that compact, expand, push and re-design the physicality of the body. Through the insistence on these signs, the states of the body that are inaugurated and intensified will be heard and worked on.

Dancer and independent creator. Brazilian, born in Marília, interior of São Paulo in 1995. Her dance training began in Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance and Tap Dance, bifurcated in the graduation in Body Arts Communication (PUC-SP/Brazil) and deepened in c.e.m - centro em movimento (Lisbon/Portugal). Since then, she has dedicated herself to her creative work, having given shape to her first solo Sete Poemas (2022) and the piece Le Presque Tri Tri Tri Cabaret (2022), a co-creation with Coline Gras and Gonçalo Pires. She has sought to move through different landscapes of artistic research in order to enhance exchanges and encounters, such as NORMA (2023), coordinated by Diana Niepce, and RESGATE (2023), conducted by Jonas & Lander. Since 2021, has worked in the Center of Documentation of c.e.m.


Isadora Dantas