Choreography for a sanctification


Nov 23 - 30 2022


All Day

The event is finished.


Choreography for a sanctification emerges from mythological and biblical figures, such as Salome, Mary of Magdalene, Helen of Troy.
A performance that questions the connection between the sacred and the profane, the body as a place of annunciation, miracle, sin, desire and dawn. Dance as a privileged space for ritual and the search for ecstasy. The sexual glow as a revolutionary prayer, of resistance and search for daily miracles. A ballet of approach to the inexplicable, to transcendence. This time, and in the words of Giorgio Agamben, this collaboration is intended to be a "work of salvation that coincides here point by point with the work of creation that undoes and descends in the very instant in which it transports and accompanies it in being". And the body, the performer, is asked for transcendence, "the creature, because it loses itself, it cannot but lose itself (...) Creation and salvation coincide in the unsalvageable".

This project is an individual and artistic necessity that emerged in early 2021 after having begun contact with Tiago Vieira in the theatrical laboratory held in Latoaria. This invitation to collaborate appears because the creative interpreter, Mélanie Ferreira, believes that the creative act has to be true, intelligent, intense and promising, being full of a sagacious will to make her body survive through the head of another. There is thus the assumption of a dependency and a need for coaching so that the existence of this performing body can have even more meaning and reach a purer state; without this dependency having to be closed in on the other, but rather be an open dependency, where both bodies neutralize, converge and renew themselves in the hope of reaching the sublime.

Technical/artistic sheet

Artistic Direction| Mélanie Ferreira e Tiago Vieira
Choreography and interpretation| Mélanie Ferreira
Coaching| Tiago Vieira
Scenography, sound, light and costumes| Tiago Vieira
Photography and video| Bruno Simão
Production| Mélanie Ferreira e Self-Mistake
Sponsors| Latoaria (Lisboa), C.e.m. (Lisbon), Estúdios Vítor Cordon (Lisbon), Cisterna da Faculdade das Belas Artes (Lisbon) e Self-Mistake.



Mélanie Ferreira

Born in Switzerland in 1996. She began her studies in dance in Viseu at the Lugar Presente Dance School, where she attended the vocational course. She did her degree and master's at the Escola Superior de Dança. Her career is marked by contact with different languages, choreographers and dancers, through various workshops, masterclasses and intensives, namely: AAB (Ballet summer intensive, USA), Jan Fabre, São Castro and António Cabrita, Tânia Carvalho, Kurt Koegel, Lander Patrick, Juri Konjar, Allan Falieri, Margarida Belo Costa, Roni Chadash, Paulo Ribeiro, Marco da Silva Ferreira, João Cardoso, Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Lewis Seivwright, Mathilde Moonier, Flora Detraz, Corinne and Nicholas Petit Rochet, Beatriz Valentim, Connor Scott, Cecilia Bengolea, Nádia Beugré, Hugo Marmelada, Horácio Macuacua, Erez Zohar, Peeping Tom.
She has integrated several projects with different choreographers, namely Madalena Victorino, Francisco Pedro, Diana Niepce, Ana Borralho and João Galante, André Uerba, Lucia Nacht, Sérgio Penna, Daniel Matos, PLAY Company, São Castro, Clara Andermatt and João Lucas, Tiago Vieira. In 2022 she collaborates as a performer in the plays SIRI (Jorge Jácome and Marco da Silva Ferreira), BISONTE by Marco da Silva Ferreira, VÄRA by Daniel Matos and Anesthetize by Maurícia Neves. She is also the creator and performer of her first performance/photographic piece "Deitamos flores pelo lado de dentro", in collaboration with André Alves and premiered in June 2021.


Tiago Vieira

Graduated from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, he complemented his training in several theatre, dance and performance workshops, namely with Teatro Praga, Olga Mesa, Vera Mantero, Susana Vidal, Miguel Moreira, Meg Stuart, Marlene Freitas, Joana Craveiro, Amélia Bentes, Vitor Roriz and Sofia Dias, Francisco Camacho, Angélica Lidell. He has worked with Mónica Calle, Miguel Moreira, Vera Mantero, Carlota Lagido, Teatro O Bando, Ana Borralho e João Galante, Ana Ribeiro, Rui Catalão, Miguel Bonneville, Ricci/forte, BLITZ THEATREGROUP (Greece), Vânia Rovisco, Mónica Garnel, Catarina Vieira. From 2011 he began to create his own shows where he is responsible, besides the staging and choreographic composition, for the dramaturgy, sets and costumes. Producing more than one show per year, he combines the work of staging the shows with the work of theatre teacher with different age groups. In 2020 the show WE SHOULD ALWAYS FORGIVE THE COWARDS, BUT NEVER BE LIKE THEM which had the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Tânia Guerreiro's Independent Productions, and was part of the list of the ten best theatre shows of 2020 by Expresso, one of the main Portuguese newspapers. He has been co-owner of Espaço Latoaria for eight years where he has taught a Training Laboratory for seven years. In 2021 he created the Tiago Vieira e os Melancólicos Tropicais Association, with which he intends to start a project to create a Performing Arts company, in order to develop continuous work with a group of performers.


Mélanie Ferreira