female body in trans-lation and -formation - Residency of Laurine Irmer & Beatrice Cordier

  • Performance
  • transdisciplinar


Apr 03 - 10 2023


All Day

The event is finished.

As language and performance artists, we want to create a free space together with this residency, far away from everyday life, within which we work individually on our projects on the one hand, and accompany each other in this work process on the other. In regular feedback sessions we want to share our work status and give each other impulses as well as cross-disciplinary work tasks. Although one approach seems to be more theoretical and the other more practical, it is precisely this exchange between somatic and intellectual approach that has proven successful. In our project exchange we are not only connected by previous collaborations but also by our interest in similar topics like embodiment of the female body, performative and feminist practices in the context of female and decolonial history.

Projecto de Laurine Irmer: Malintzin
The historical and cultural figure of the translator Malintzin (15th century) experiences multiple ways of reception in contemporary Mesoamerican culture. Not only does she represent an interesting figure within a longstanding discourse on Mesoamerican cultural and historical heritage and self-understanding, but she also marks a particular role in feminist, literary, and indigenous debates about colonialism, patriarchy, and critical approaches to hegemonic historical discourses. Particular is also her position as a translator, which is the starting point of my translation work. In the style of an assemblage, I am currently working on the translation of texts from literary and academic disciplines that allow a multi-perspective and, if possible, multi-vocal access to this ghost woman and her background. The focus of the work relates to postcolonial, Indigenous, and feminist receptions of the figure of Malintzin and critical reflections of historical events in the context of European expansion. How can the question of critical reflection on translation be taken up as a decolonial process ? My current work involves the literary translation of a longer passage of the feminist play "El eterno feminino" (1975) by Rosario Castellano and recent indigenous poetic works from the Náhuatl tradition. These will be combined with a translation of an academic work by the cultural-historical expert of Mesoamerica Federico Navarrete, which is decidedly critical of the conventional reception of the historical figure of Malintzin.

Project by Beatrice Cordier
1) Beaxxx
The "Solo Project Feat. Beaxxx" is a solo performance exploring the emotional and social perception of a fictitious character, Beaxxx. The performance delves into how people adapt and exhibit different attitudes and behaviors depending on the context. Beaxxx's character portrays her emotions through her body language, seeking harmony and acceptance from her surroundings. The performance involves various dance styles inspired by everyday gestures, with interruptions and commentaries from Beaxxx. By the use of language and movement, the intention is to create an ambivalent figure, showcasing vulnerability and facing honesty. The performance also portrays the transformation of the feminine body from stereotypical behavior and various male and creature-like bodies. The performance intends to be both comical and empathetic while highlighting the vulnerability of the human experience.

2) Workshops with community
Apart from the solo researchm the artist would love to offer an improvisation dance workshop to the community, that focuses on transmitting physical and choreographical material that arises in their own research.



Laurine Irmer & Beatrice Cordier