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Oct 30 2023 - Mar 31 2024


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CRAFTING Programme welcomes artists and researchers who wish to apply the tools of MO_AND to projects of creation, investigation or mediation dedicated to the intersectional question of researching new forms of life emerging from the encounter between differences, at the injunction of ethics, aesthetics, politics and community.

Focused on facilitating the fine-tuning of the formulation and execution of a work in progress or on offering assistance to the practice and focused studies of the MO_AND, this programme seeks to make the residency-situation a space for crafting the singular questions brought by the candidate. Diverging from the logic of solution and the directive function of the advisor, the follow up consists of listening and unraveling, together with each resident, the affect-motor of each project. The tools of Modus Operandi AND, in its crafty dimension, are used in the mapping, making explicit and re-materialising of affects, thus working to maintain the project in the in-between zone of ‘how not to have an idea’.

The program offers two types of relationship with the public and is open to individual or group candidates from all areas of ​​intervention.

  • ASSISTED RESIDENCYThe Assisted Residency in retreat mode from April 6th to 21st of 2024at Trust Collective (Barril de Alva, Arganil);
  • Longitudinal follow-upThis modality allows the monitoring of creation and mediation projects through a flexible program, designed according to the needs and temporalities of each person.
Here you will find more information about the CRAFTING programme.
And here the application form.

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  • 8 – 10 Dez, 10h-18h: [under]stANDing./Restaurar e Endobrar: MO_AND & Movimento Autêntico, Espaço AND Lab