Creation (out) of Nothing

  • transdisciplinar


Aug 17 - 25 2022


All Day

The event is finished.

The project CREATION (OUT) OF NOTHING emerges in a context of social and political impasse, in which we are faced with the urgent need to create a new paradigm of production, without, however, managing to give up the blackmail of economic growth, nor the vertigo of doing more, of wanting more, nor the consumerist dependence that makes us hostages of immediate stimuli and temporary needs.

Artist: Tânia Guerreiro / Self-Mistake

Artistic freedom, experimentation and risk in experimental contemporary dance and performance.

The Self-Mistake project promotes artistic creation, in a context of experimentation and risk, in the areas of contemporary dance and performance. It supports the development of artistic processes, as well as the sharing of creations in alternative contexts.

By welcoming risk and innovation, the Self-Mistake project encourages the experience of error in artistic creation as a fundamental step towards transformation and transcendence.

Self-Mistake promotes this approach with process support, support for artistic creation and fruition, in the form of financial grants, strategic and production consultancy and its own events.