LABIA – Residency of Joana Castro

  • Performance
  • transdisciplinar


May 12 - 31 2024


All Day
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"Every transition is an end-of-the-world experience." - Jota Mombaça

LABIA is a research project that is based on the construction of monster bodies, on the discovery of their infinite possibilities of destruction and survival. Endlessly. Corps born in the failure of a hetero-capitalist political regime. Impossible bodies that allow themselves to exist with flesh, skin and soul, shaking cemented territories and a corrupt and corruptible system. Roots that are born from the stones and propagate, opening fissures in established paradigms. Corps in constant becoming, on the run from Humanity, without territory and empowerment. Becoming-to-be(ings) who plunge into the depths of ancestry in a new way of living with animals, with the dead and with the planet as corpse and ghost. In the celebration of a mourning. As a consequence, a relationship with death and an initiation to life, in a system of interspecies communication, without sovereignty or hierarchy.

“Feminism is an animalism. In other words, animalism is an expanded feminism, and not anthropocentric.” - Paul B. Preciado.

LABIA is the construction of a universe that makes it possible to extrapolate, to transcend individual and corporeal materiality, undoing the colonizing and binary language, proposing discourses of language from its gesture, expanding its multiple possibilities in an endless artistic and life process. In the action of Transmuting. Transit. Sweat. Transgress. Creating other senses and opening space for the encounter with an aesthetic of crossing in the direction of ̶(ı̶n̶))imaginable futures of existential expansion in the here and now.

LABIA is a project of a processual and transmuting nature, a meeting between multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary artists, who navigate between worlds without locking themselves into rooted ways of operating, in a coexistence and resignification of their (res)(ex)istences, in a constant construction and destruction of multiple objects, in each space and time they occupy, in a becoming collectivities without erasing their subjectivities.

After the abyss a tongue. — Joana Castro


Artistic and technical file:

Conception, artistic direction and performance_ Joana Castro
Light design, soundscape, scenic space and performance_ Joana Castro, Lui L'Abbate and Rezmorah
Participation in the process_João Leonardo
Costumes and sculptures_ ROD
Audiovisual recording and editing and video installation_ Francisca Manuel
Research grant_ Reclaim Time Programme - Porto City Council
Support for creation and artistic residencies_ Trust Collective, Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Devir Capa, A Gráfica, Setúbal Town Hall, Teatro de Ferro, Rua das Gaivotas 6
Creation Grant_ OSSO Cultural Association
Co-production residency_ The Space of Time


Joana Castro (ile/dile/they/them) was born in Porto in 1988. Non-binary artist develops their projects between dance, performance, voice and sound, having presented some of their works in Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and Brazil. Of their projects in dance/performance highlights Perto... as much as possible (2014), EVERLASTING (2016), SU8MARINO (2017/18), RITE OF DECAY
DECAY (2019/20), and STILL we MOVE (2021), Darktraces (2021), and ̶DKa̶r̶kKt̶r̶a̶c̶e̶s̶on ghosts and spectral dances (2022).

In addition to issues such as death, mourning, destruction, failure and rituals of end crossing their personal life and invading their creations, gender issues are transversal to their creative universe, in a research of a body that de(re)constructs its image and operates in states BETWEEN – on the threshold of the boundaries of the human, genderless.

They attended the course of professional dance interpreter by Balleteatro Escola Profissional (2003 to 2006), and the Study, Research and Choreographic Creation Programme at Forum Dança in Lisbon in 2008, received a scholarship from the NEC in 2009 and for the DanceWeb program in 2013. They also took a course in audio production at the Bi-Motor school in 2015 and attended the postgraduate specialization in Performance at the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto in 2016/17 and at the moment they are attending the professional course of electronic music and sound production at Academia de Música of Porto.

In recent years, they have been developing some projects in video and cinema, having co-directed the short film Ø ILHA (2020) with Cláudia Varejão, the video Darktraces (2021) with Miguel De and the film ̶Da̶r̶kt̶r̶a̶c̶e̶s̶: on ghosts and spectral dances (2023) with João Catarino.

They develop LABIA, a transmutant research project of a permanent procedural nature, with several artistic residencies and presentations from 2023.



Joana Castro