Landscape Series

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Oct 17 - 31 2022


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Visual and pedagogical Installation art series developed by the artist since 2018.
The Landscape Series about acknowledge and sustainability, reused materials are put together with local art enthusiasts/students in a minimalist geometrical construction in site-specific locations for a temporary period of time, then photographed as part of a memory archive.
The Landscape Series is an “homage” to nature as new perceptual “ritual” created through the insertion of a disruptive artificial element in order to bring consciousness to our footprint and usage of construction materials.
The idea is to expand the Landscape project Landscape to other territories with a new process of investigation and installation, with the intent to record as maximum landscapes as possible.
The intention is to remove the term “scenic” and two-dimensional aspects from this artistic expression, updating it to a contemporary context, with four dimensions, leading the viewer to witness this landscape, this “frame” as a real and natural physical space.
Thus, we no longer integrate an individual graphic interpretation, but evolving to a full experience with a tectonic reaction that encompasses multiple perceptions and interpretations.
We are now inside a limitless space for art, and we unconsciously enhance our abilities to perceive space without Cartesian references.

All of the installations are temporary and all materials used for the construction of the pieces are reused from waste of cinema décor industry.
Through this construction, the artist reveals his imaginary, and the viewer his perception.
Form, scale, color - search for configurations without equivalents in the natural environment, to establish a new scenic dimension that provides the observer with a different reading and experience of the landscape, with the main purpose to promote awareness and appreciation of both.
It is a moment of contrast between reality and illusion, organic and geometric, natural and artificial.

Pedro Gramaxo (Artist)
Tiago Silva (Assistant Producer)


Pedro Gramaxo