Power Quest


Sep 12 - 26 2022


All Day

The event is finished.

‘Power quest’ é uma dança a solo desenvolvida por Michal Agasi, dançarinx experiente e treinadx que vive em Berlim. Neste trabalho faz perguntas sobre como, como humano e artista performativa, consegue ganhar força, sobreviver, e agarrar-se à realidade e à vida. Nesta dança, estou ocupada em apresentar e traduzir a actualidade que experimenta em gestos que formam uma linguagem que inventa e regista em si própria.
Está a pesquisar e a examinar a ligação pessoal consigo mesmx, os seus hábitos e formas de expressão. As suas capacidades, limites físicos, mentais, conscientes e inconscientes estão a ser testados e desafiados através de diferentes experiências.
By consistency and Stubborn presence I try to predicate strengths, and manage sometimes more and sometimes less. Proclaiming and affirming natural attraction and habits, feeling my instincts in action. From the process of working on the piece I am learning a lot about my motivation, urges, yens and passions.
The wish is to draw a synopsis of competences, desires, hopes and feelings, to create a game that contain and reflect the way I grasp reality and the resources and means I use, to show the struggle I am going through, fears and difficulties.
The thought about the subject of power is substantial and very actual to the times we live in to my understanding. We arrived to a point in humanity where it is a risk to gather. There is quietness surrounding us after many years of happenings and assembly cultural life. I want to share and emphasize that (the very heart of the pandemic) with the research of the subject of valority in that matter. Aiming to give and invest time and attention with the beneficiary of conjunctive to a mind and soulful life of spirit and art that is important to me and I wish to summon and restore back to my life and existence.

"Staying in Barril de Alva was a very inspiring experience and I am wishing to return and take part again at the unique life there and contributing to the artistic and cultural happenings."

Michal Agasi

Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

A biography
Michal Agasi born in Israel, lives in Berlin since August 2019.
Choreographer, dancer performer and movement researcher .
From July 2021 Rehearsing and experimenting 'Power Quest' a creation about strength and gathering might as individual/s also as a duo with the dancer Martin Gaube.
December 2021 Rehearsing and performing in the evening 'Parallax 5' with the choreographer and dancer Nicola Mascia and three other creating dancers next to the drawings of the painter Ferdinand Hodler and as a gesture of reacting to the concept of 'Parallelism' of Hodler at the Berlinische Galerie Kreuzberg.
July 2021 Participating in the artistic three days conference 'Shell Congrass' Berlin Kreuzberg initiated by Stefan Röben and colleagues. Exchanging ideas through different workshops of movement, music, dance, craft and mystic. Experiencing group dynamics, learning and sharing thoughts and guidance.
September 2019- October 20 Gatherings of 'Material Memory' - a practise of movement and color pigments. 31.12.19 performance at the Petersburg Art Space Moabit. After covid began zoom meetings and video documentation, movement with sculptures and statues.
July 2018- March 19 'Occuring Island' residency journey about exotica with Ariel Cohen and Kim Teitelbaum. A trio dance piece rehearsed at 'Kelim' choreography center in Bat Yam, Israel and performed there in 'March Hare' festival 2019.
Julho-Outubro de 2015: “Um sol para todos” criação sobre presentes, de e em colaboração com Ariel Cohen e outros quatro bailarinos, apresentada no festival de dança Hazira em Beit Mazia, Jerusalém, e no museu de arte moderna de Tel Aviv.
2015-June 2016 ‘Somna’, duet about a somnambulant meeting reality and dream, with the performer Nissim Uzan Tretiakov. Performed at 'The Shop Theatre' in Tel Aviv, full length premier at Vitrina festival 2016.
2012 ‘Ease’, solo created for the Experimental Tools festival, Beit Tami (Tel Aviv), supported and performed at Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre.
2006-08 cooperated and participated in different dance and performance projects and productions as a creating dancer in various dance festivals in Israel.
2005-07 Student and graduator at the art School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem. Participated in classes of movement, ballet and modern dance at the academy of dance.
2005-06 Award winning of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation for independent creation.
2000-02 dancer in the Bat Sheva Ensemble dance company, Tel Aviv.
1989-2000 Education and matriculation at 'Tefen' (open experimental regional school at the west of Galilee), after early practice in gymnastics, classical ballet and modern dance. Augmented studies in dance in Kibuts Gaaton and photography.


Michal Agasi