Durarei por Paz e Nunca por Mal – Residência de Mélanie Ferreira

  • Dança
  • Performance
  • transdisciplinar


Jul 07 - 13 2024


All Day

The event is finished.

January 2023 saw the premiere of the first solo in the Dependência Aberta project. This project is the result of an invitation by Mélanie Ferreira to a creator to stage a solo for her.

The Dependência Aberta project consists of choosing creators with whom Mélanie Ferreira would like to spend time researching and creating, in a format of greater proximity. These invitations to collaborate come about because Mélanie Ferreira believes that the creative act has to be real, intelligent, intense and promising and, not being able to take it on alone, she decides to make her body survive through someone else's head. There is thus the assumption of a dependency and a need for coaching so that the existence of this performative body can have even more meaning and reach a purer state; without the dependency having to be closed off from the other. Rather, it is an open dependence, where both bodies neutralise, converge and renew in the hope of achieving the sublime. The project offers the possibility of creating an intimate working and research environment, something that doesn't usually happen in Mélanie Ferreira's career, as she always works in teams with various performers. It will mean having a primary focus on herself in order to continue renewing herself as an interpreter, performer, creator and researcher of her own body as power.

Desta feita, estar num processo de criação de um solo é assumir que “continuo a perder-me no meu corpo, para que o reconfigurar seja necessário e preciso, para que o voltar seja a novidade e o constante presente.”. É na sequência deste projeto Dependência Aberta que surge Durarei por Paz e Nunca por Mal, numa continuidade de espaço de criação intimista, desta vez com um novo criador, Daniel Matos, com quem a artista já colaborou em várias peças e com quem partilha um percurso de vontades artísticas similares.

Artistic Direction, Creation and Interpretation Mélanie Ferreira Creation and Coaching Daniel Matos Original Soundtrack Joana Guerra Light Design and Technical Direction Ana Carocinho Set design Pedro Azevedo Costumes Çal Pfungzst Scene Photography Bruno Simão Video a definir Project Management Joana Flor Duarte Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto / Festival DDD, Teatro Viriato / Festival NANT, Theatro Circo de Braga House of Production CAMA a.c. Support to residency Teatro Viriato, Cem – Centro em Movimento, TRUST Collective, Estúdios Victor Córdon Residency of co-production O Espaço do Tempo


Mélanie Ferreira was born in Switzerland in 1996. She began her dance studies in Viseu at the Lugar Presente Dance School, where she attended the vocational course. Between 2014 and 2019, she completed her bachelor's and master's degrees at the Escola Superior de Dança. Her career has been marked by contact with different languages, choreographers and dancers, through various workshops, masterclasses and intensives, namely: AAB
(Ballet summer intensive, EUA), Jan Fabre, São Castro e António Cabrita, Tânia Carvalho, Kurt Koegel, Lander Patrick, Juri Konjar, Allan Falieri, Margarida Belo Costa, Roni Chadash, Paulo Ribeiro, Marco da Silva Ferreira, João Cardoso, Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Lewis Seivwright, Mathilde Moonier, Flora Detraz, Corinne and Nicholas Petit Rochet, Beatriz Valentim, Connor Scott, Cecilia Bengolea, Nádia Beugré, André de Campos, Hugo Marmelada, Horácio Macuacua, Erez Zohar, Mónica Calle, Peeping Tom, Tiago Martins.
She has taken part in various projects with different choreographers, including Madalena Victorino, Francisco Pedro, Diana Niepce, Ana Borralho and João Galante, André Uerba, Lucia Nacht, Sérgio Penna, Daniel Matos, São Castro, Clara Andermatt and João Lucas, Tiago Vieira, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Jorge Jácome, Maurícia Neves and Joana de Verona. In 2021 she premiered her first play, being the creator and interpreter of the performance/photography Deitamos flores pelo lado de dentro in collaboration with André Alves, after which she began her project Dependência Aberta (DA), which is a cycle of solos interpreted by her, but created by artists of her choice. In 2023 she was nominated by the SPA for best dancer with the piece Carcaça by Marco da Silva Ferreira. In 2024 she collaborated as a performer in the pieces: Carcaça by Marco da Silva Ferreira, Coreografia para uma santificação (DA) by Tiago Vieira, GALINASSAGE by Diana de Sousa and Atsumori by Catarina Miranda.


Mélanie Ferreira