WE DON’T KNOW YET – Residency with Ana Corrêa


May 01 - 11 2023


All Day

The event is finished.


We really don’t. We know where it starts. It starts with techno, and raves, and going dancing together. With movement and music, and all things that happen when raving that can never truly be described. And with friendship. With having fun together. With connection.

And well, that’s it. We know where it starts. We’ll let you know where it takes us.



Kim Baraka is a dance artist and scientist from Beirut, Lebanon, currently based in Amsterdam. Coming from a neo-classical dance background with the Beirut Dance Company, he subsequently develops a strong interest in improvisational dance methods. He was part of the Pillow Projects in Pittsburgh, USA, an improvisational dance company with which he engaged in a series of multidisciplinary projects and performances, involving different artists with different expressive media but also scientists. In 2017, he started his own movement and improvisation classes in Lisbon, Portugal, with the vision of creating a safe space for self-expression, community building, creative investigation, and reflection through action. In his scientific career, he is an assistant professor in Social Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit where he develops novel algorithms for rich interactions between people and robots.

Ana Correa

Has a degree in Plant Biology and a Ph.D. in Plant Ecophysiology. Worked in research until 2013. In 2009 moved to Granada, Spain, to work on a post-doc in her research area, and started her dance training with the Enclave collective. Since then, she has received training in contemporary dance, dance-theatre, clown, butoh, physical theatre, flying-low, and other performance and movement techniques. Studied and worked with teachers such as Ana Buitrago, Luis Biasotto, Aitana Cordero, João Fiadeiro, Vera Mantero, Loic Touzé, and many others, in several European cities. In 2013 leaves science research, and dedicates herself exclusively to creation in dance and performance, becoming a member of the Enclave collective. At the same time she begins working in translation, with a focus on scientific translation and some incursions into poetry and art, namely collaborating with João Fiadeiro. In 2014 collaborates with Horácio Macuacua in a new creation. In 2014-2015 attended the FIA- Intensive Accompanied Formation at C.E.M.-Centro em movimento, in Lisbon. In 2017 creates and presents Blow, at Zaratan and Traça (Lisbon), is selected for the festival Nordic Fringe (Stockholm, Sweden) with I will not tell you our love story, and begins the creative process for Tanzen, with Beatrice Cordier and Marta Correia. In 2019 creates and presents Procedures for Encounters in collaboration with Julia Salem (São Paulo-Lisbon). Presently she divides her time between science, researching symbiotic systems, and art, namely in collaboration with Fernando Pelliccioli and Carlos Osatinsky (Argentina-Berlin), Kim Baraka (Beirut-Amsterdam) and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto. In 2022 she became a member of the Rabbit Hole collective (Lisbon-Berlin). I will not tell you our love story, e inicia o processo criativo para Tanzen, com Beatrice Cordier e Marta Correia. Em 2019 cria e apresenta Procedimentos para Encontros em colaboração com Julia Salem (São Paulo-Lisboa). Actualmente divide o seu tempo entre ciência, investigação de sistemas simbióticos, e arte, nomeadamente em colaboração com Fernando Pelliccioli e Carlos Osatinsky (Argentina-Berlin), Kim Baraka (Beirute-Amsterdão) e Mafalda Miranda Jacinto. Em 2022 tornou-se membro do colectivo Rabbit Hole (Lisboa-Berlim).



Ana Correa