Evidence - Residency of Pedro Faria

"Recently I started to develop a project of photographic exploration, through montages with real objects, plastic elements and the reality found, with the intention of editing a photography book. Part of this project will be developed at Mina de São Domingos, in Mértola, but I am also looking for natural contexts to explore less industrial dimensions of the territory. The surrounding area of Trust would thus be a propitious scenario to the construction of living paintings that reveal the nature of the place, its transformation into fantasy and, above all, the intermediate point where these facets can come together. This is a partly documental and partly imaginative look, supported by a vocabulary of form in discovery. I attach some scattered images of this approach, more as a hint than as a proposal, as they are rather mismatched and unexplored. But they will perhaps give an impression of what I have in mind. These images were developed from objects, being now more focused on collages with two-dimensional elements." Pedro Faria
Anexo algumas imagens dispersas desta abordagem, mais em jeito de indício do que de proposta, dado estarem bastante descasadas e por explorar mais profundamente. Mas darão talvez uma impressão do que tenho em mente. Estas imagens foram desenvolvidas a partir de objectos, estando agora mais focado em colagens com elementos bidimensionais.”
Pedro Faria