Policies and Practices of Friendship

Neste projeto convocamos a amizade enquanto força de vínculo incondicional e desinteressado, e enquanto força de amparo e confiança radicais, convidando a uma reabertura sensível da figura do ‘amigue’
O que aconteceria se nos propuséssemos a contrariar a associação tão entranhada entre amizade, identificação e concordância e a experimentar fazer amizade com o estranho, o desconhecido, o incompreensível? E se pudéssemos oferecer ao diferente, que por vezes inquieta e incomoda, a mesma disponibilidade de escuta e tolerância que oferecemos ao amigue? Que outra política de convivência com a diferença poderia emergir de uma prática alargada da amizade, capaz de acioná-la enquanto força extensiva e inclusiva?

These concerns drive the project Policies and Practices of Friendship, which is born from the process of intimacy with the territory of the village of the Barril de Alva, that the curators Bernardo Chatillon and Fernanda Eugenio have been building since 2020, by accompanying and collaborating, in an intensive-immersive way, with the emergence of the Trust Collective. 


Witnessing this process led the curators to name the issue of the politics of friendship, as a gesture of recognition of what was already there, with the aim of consolidating a curatorial line for the Trust in the project that proposes 3 axes of action, between November 2023 and November 2024.


The centrepiece of this axis is the cycle Rituals of Friendship and the Scholarship Mariana Nobre Vieira of Creation. It also has a partnership with Citemor. 

RITUALS OF FRIENDSHIP is a programme of guest artists structured in the form of a recurring ritual, which seeks to promote an encounter between artists involved in delicate and urgent current issues and the local public. Each artist is invited to take up residence for a week, bringing their perceptions-know-how about friendship and sharing it with the public via a workshop, presentation and/or talk, and they are challenged to occupy a social space in the village for this purpose (the Vira-Milho café, the Casa do Povo, the Barrilense Philharmonic).


This axis is based on the programme Trust the Process. This is a process of inter-learning in durational collaborative creation, which will unfold throughout the duration of the project, aimed at fostering artistic sensitivity through the curators' direct and durational relationship with local people, artists and non-artists, who want to enter into a process of experimental creation. There is also a partnership with cem – centro em movimento and AND Labboth with micro-political approaches and orientated by the doing, which work with relational practices of occupying public spaces. The aim of the axis is to encourage local people to see themselves as potential agents of creation - perceiving creation in a broad way and recognising that each person has a contribution to make to the realisation of an artistic process.


The axis sharing-presentation is home to informal exhibitions and sharing activities resulting from the project's various activities, as well as the annual event Open Days TrustThe Open Days are a multidisciplinary programme over a weekend in September. Taking inspiration from local festivals where friendship is already celebrated, with their dances and food and drink, the Open Days include attractions for all ages, which were previously unusual for these festivals, such as performances, installations, eco-walks, concerts, DJs and workshops.

The results of the 3 axes will be brought together in a publication-memorabilia of the polyphonic material that will sediment throughout the year, creating a fabric of collective learning about friendship policies and practices.

All the project's activities are free of charge.



1 Nov | Opening of applications - Scholarship Mariana Nobre Vieira of Creation

6 – 8 Nov | TRAINING AXIS 1: Body-dance creation practices workshop - Sofia Neuparth

11 Nov | Festa do Magusto - Public presentation of the "Policies and Practices of Friendship" project

18 – 19 Nov | Trust the Process 0 : Fernanda Eugénio | AND LAB


5 – 9 Fev | Residency "Corpo Título" by Companhia Amarelo Silvestre (CITEMOR Partnership)

9 Fev | Public Sharing | Residency "Corpo Título" Companhia Amarelo Silvestre

16 – 19 Fev | Trust the Process 1:  Fernanda Eugenio, Bernardo Chatillon e Ana Rocha

4 - 10 Mar | TRAINING AXIS 2: CEM Residency | RISK OF DANCE

6 – 21 Abr | EIXO FORMAÇÃO 3: Crafting Residências Assistidas And Lab

14 Abril | Trust the Process 2: Fernanda Eugenio e  Bernardo Chatillon

20 Abr | Apresentação pública CRAFTING

29 Apr – 12 Mai | RITUAIS DA AMIZADE 1: Residência Artista Bolsa Mariana

11 Mai | Apresentação pública RITUAIS AMIZADE 1


8 Jun | Apresentação pública RITUAIS AMIZADE 2

13 - 28 Jul | TRAINING AXIS 4: LANDscape Repair School


14 Sep | Public Sharing FRIENDSHIP RITUALS 3

14 – 15 Sep | OPEN DAYS

7 – 13 Out | Trust the Process Final: Fernanda Eugenio e  Bernardo Chatillon

23 Nov | CLOSURE

BIO of the curators:

Bernardo Chatillon aims to imagine new worlds, hypothesising how we can relate to spaces that are obstructed, camouflaged, unreadable, ignored, invisible. Living with bodies, landscapes and movements that are present but not visible, in conjunction with the concept of Magical Thinking applied to the theatrical dimension. He made his debut with Artistas Unidos. After completing Chapitô, he took part in Intensive Accompanied Training at c.e.m and later at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Theatre/Actor Degree). Between 2012 and 2015 he was casting for the company of the D. Maria II National Theatre. In 2016 he moved to Berlin, where he collaborated in various formats and projects through artistic practices, meetings and shows with Marc Lohr, Sigal Zouk, Mineral Wasser Kolective, Peter Pleyer, Stephanie Mahler, Jeremy Wade, Benoilt Lachambre, Keith Hennessy, Joy Mariama Smith, Meg Stuart, Sandra Noeth, Fernanda Eugenio and others, and completed his master's degree in Solo/Dance/ Authorship (SODA) at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT/UDK). She recently created the shows Reindeer Age #0 , Uferstudios Berlin (2019), Teatro Do Bairro Alto (2020), Reindeer Age #1, P.T. Espaço do Tempo(2021), O fazer do dizer , Centro Cultural de Belém (2022).

Fernanda Eugenio | Artist, researcher, educator. Her work involves conceptual creation and expanded performance (body, installation, video, photography and situated propositions), social intervention and ethical-aesthetic and somatic-political practices. He works on the construction of transversal modes of making for composition/creation - namely the Operative Mode AND (MO_AND), a methodology he created and has been developing since the 2000s, in the interweaving of artistic making and participatory processes. Since 2011, she has founded (with João Fiadeiro, a remarkable collaboration between 2009-2014) and directed the AND Lab platform (based in Lisbon and with centres in Brazil, Spain and Germany), an artisanal artistic research structure that operates at the crossroads between the arts, critical thinking, embodied political-affective practices and radical pedagogies, bringing together creators committed to the exercise of art as a reciprocity that sustains life (in) common. She has a post-doctorate (2012) from the ICS/University of Lisbon; a doctorate (2006) and a master's degree (2002) in Social Anthropology, National Museum, UFRJ; a degree in Dance (Angel Vianna School). She was an Associate Researcher at CESAP/UCAM (2003-17) and Adjunct Professor of Social Sciences (PUC-Rio, 2005-12). Over the last twenty years, she has been a guest artist on various arts and performance training programmes in Europe, the USA and South America. She has worked in over a hundred institutions and her work MO_AND has been studied in master's and doctoral theses in the most diverse fields (arts, psychology, pedagogy, cultural studies, etc.). His publications, artistic creations and collaborations circulate in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

This project is financed by: 

Direção Geral das Artes