Sunny Pfalzer


Set 05 - 25 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

The event is finished.

Artist in residence at Trust during the month of September 2021!


For the Open days of Trust Collective I lead a performative Walk through the village. We dreamt together, held hands and in the end swam away in the Alva, the river nearby. During my stay in Portugal everyday I went to swim in the Alva, it became an obsession, a meditation. While swimming in these deep waters from one village to another, I connected with my unconscious fears of the unknown and became friends with the anacondas and other monsters living in the Alva. No wonder that Alva in English is the dawn, the first morning light, a time when dreams and the IRL experience interlink. 

In a second action, together with Sharmila Bousa, Bernardo Chatillon, Maya Kremer, Tereza Madeira, Tomé, Leehla and Marlene, we made a sculptural painting that later on was installed as a solar shade, as a permanent installation for TRUST to expand the studio space to its terrace. In the action one person wraps the fabric around them, another one holds the spray can. Through their dance a specific bodily painting translates itself onto the fabric.”


Ficha Técnica
Images Performance: Inês T. Alves
Images Sculpture Dance: Maya Kremer


Sunny Pfalzer